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Aiden Prince
Alec Realm

‘All Ego’ Ethan Page
Anthony Gaines

Anthony ‘Kingdom’ James
Brent ‘Money’ Banks
Cody Deaner
‘Diamond Tiger’ Kobe Durst
Eddie Osbourne
Evil Uno

Franky T.M.
‘Hacker’ Scotty O’Shea

Holden Albright
Jim Stryder
Jordan James
Joshua Pine

Kevin Blackwood
‘King of the North’ Carter Mason

Pepper Parks
‘Red Death’ Daniel Garcia
‘Psycho’ Mike Rollins
Scotty Mac
Shane Sabre
Space Monkey
‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey

Stu Grayson
‘The Butcher of Buffalo’ Andy Williams
‘The Endorsement’ Sebastian Suave
‘The Genetic Jackpot’ Joe Coleman
‘The Golden Gun’ Mark Wheeler
‘The Great’ Pharoah Bowman
‘The REMIX of Professional Wrestling’ Kevin Bennett

‘The Sultan of Shawarma’ Idris Abraham
‘The Walking Weapon’ Josh Alexander
‘The Wrestling Machine’ Tyson Dux


KC ‘2 Scoops’ Spinelli
Nicole Matthews

‘The Bubblegum Princess’ Alexia Nicole
‘The Demon Assassin’ Rosemary
‘The Mountain’ Vanessa Kraven
‘The Suicide Blonde’ Xandra Bale
‘The Wild Child’ Jody Threat
Violet Lee

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